17-Oct-2021 – Gravesend and Medway Towns Open Show

Picardy Sheepdog / Berger Picard at Gravesend and Medway Towns Canine Society Open Show

A.V. Open – Albert Millen Memorial Stakes
Judge: Derek Allsopp (Sandmel)


1 Yu And Halliday’s Pascale Enzotica (Imp. DNK), 2 years old Picardy Sheepdog, Dog, has a lovely masculine head, dark eyes, correct muzzle, correct eyebrows, strong foreface with beard and moustache, correct set ears, good pigmentation, lovely bone, superb reach of neck, correct shoulder placement, good top-line, lovely body, has correct harsh coat, has good hindquarters, tail-set okay. Moved well and was well presented. Was a privilege to judge him. Headed a top quality class.

Pastoral Group
Judge: Hilary Kerr (Borderclan)
Group 4

AV Imported Breed Register Pastoral
Judge: Hilary Kerr (Borderclan)
Best AV Import Register
1st Open Dog/Bitch


1 Yu & Halliday’s Pascale Enzotica (Imp Dnk) 2 year old Picardy Sheepdog. What a stunning boy he is, super head carried so well, dark eye with keen and attentive expression, correct ear set and scissor bite, strong neck leading to strong shoulders, excellently handled and moved well. I shall watch his career with interest. See he also won the Albert Millen Memorial Stakes) BAV Import Pastoral. Pastoral group 4.

Enzo – Pascale Enzotica (IMP DNK)

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