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03-Oct-2021 – Beckenham Open Show

Picardy Sheepdog / Berger Picard at Beckenham Open Show

Pastoral Group
Judge: Sandie Tadd (Kricarno)
Group 1

AV Imported Breed Register Pastoral
Judge: Sandie Tadd (Kricarno)
Best AV Import Register
1st Open Dog/Bitch


1 Yu & Halliady’s Pascale Enzotica (IMP DNK), Picardy Sheepdog. Well, what has been left to say about this 2-year-old male, I am so pleased that I have at last got my hands on him, fore head slightly convex blending in smoothly into the muzzle, slight stop, dark eye with long eyebrow with eye still seen, complete with beard and moustache large black nose with good open nostrils, high set on ears fully erect, scissor bite tight lips, good length to shoulders and of good lay, strong topline which was carried well on well-muscled hindquarters, slight tuck up. Straight, effortless, free movement which covered the ground, with nothing overdone. I had no hesitation with awarding him Best Imported Breed Register & Best of Breed in Pastoral Group.

Enzo – Pascale Enzotica (IMP DNK)