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1-Oct-2022 – West Bromwich & Wednesbury Canine Society Open Show

Halo – Stardust Halo Dolce Of Xanadu’s Aria For Enzotica (IMP USA) NL Jr Ch HCJW’22 HCW’22

AV Imported Breed Register Pastoral
Judge: Sophie Wray-Ramsden (Takhisis)
Reserve Best Of Breed AV Import Register
1st Open Dog/Bitch


O: (3,1) 1 Yu & Halliday’s Stardust Halo Dolce of Xanadu’s Aria for Enzotica (Imp USA) NL Jr Ch, HCJW’22 HCW’22 (Picardy Sheepdog)
12-month-old bitch with a lovely head of good length with skull and muzzle of equal length, lovely eye and super ears set correctly. Good length of neck and length of back to give slightly longer outline, good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, good hind angulation and moved well. Would just like a little more depth of chest. RBOB Import.