29-Feb-2020 – Swindon & District Canine Society Open Show

Picardy Sheepdog / Berger Picard at Swindon & District Canine Society Open Show

Pastoral Puppy Group
Judge: Jacqui Downes
Group 3

AV Imported Breed Register (All Groups)
Judge: Jenny Miller
Best Puppy AV Import Register
Reserve Best AV Import Register
1st Puppy Dog/Bitch
2nd Open Dog/Bitch


1 Yu & Hallidays’ Pascale (Imp Dnk), Picardy Sheepdog. Having read the standard felt he was of good quality and constructed medium sized young boy. Super well coated head of good proportion, nice skull shape with slight furrow dividing, lovely oval darkish eye with high set on erect ears giving good expression. Little unsure of himself but at 7 months has time on his side. Strong neck into a medium sized body a fraction longer than he was tall. Presented in hard condition with correct angles, well sprung and ribbed back, harsh flat fawn jacket. Muscular well boned legs and compact feet, moved out well and soundly just needs to settle a little. BP IMP res

Enzo – Pascale Enzotica (IMP DNK)

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