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18-Dec-2021 – Darwen Canine Society Premier Open Show

Picardy Sheepdog / Berger Picard at Darwen Canine Society Premier Open Show

Pastoral Group
Judge: Russell Mosedale (Knightsbay)
Group Shortlist

AV Imported Breed Register Pastoral
Judge: Russell Mosedale (Knightsbay)
Best AV Import Register
1st Open Dog/Bitch


1 Pascale Enzotica (Imp DNK), lovely Picardy Shepherd, very much taken with this boy, medium size and solid throughout, has most appealing outline and shape which naturally draw you eye to his qualities, head of correct proportion and of equal lengths, good furrow, long eyebrows, eyes of medium size and oval in shape ears erect and set on high, strong jaw, strong and muscular neck leading into well placed shoulders, elbows close to body, quality bone, feet compact, deep chest, ribs well-sprung, correct croup, moderate bend of stifle, well-muscled with second thigh muscle, moved with reach drive, excellent harsh coat. BAV Import, short listed in the group, just started to fade on the final run but breed which I would expect to do well in future, delighted to be able to judge a quality boy.

Enzo – Pascale Enzotica (IMP DNK)