18-Sept-2021 – Exeter & County Premier Open Show

Picardy Sheepdog / Berger Picard at Exeter & County Premier Open Show

Pastoral Group
Judge: Bev White
Group Shortlist

AV Imported Breed Register Pastoral
Judge: Bev White
Best AV Import Register
1st Open Dog/Bitch


1. Yu and Halliday’s Pascale Enzotica (Picardy Sheepdog). Loved this dog – his calmness, self-assurance, and yet obvious joy at being in the ring was there to see. His overall balance with his good reach of neck set into sloping shoulders, good length of back and moderately angulated hind quarters gave an overall impression of elegance. His coat was harsh and his facial furnishings good giving him a rugged appearance. His movement was light and effortless, and he looked as though he could do a day’s work. So impressive. BoB

Enzo – Pascale Enzotica (IMP DNK)

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